David's Project Portfolio
Portfolio Update:  18-JAN-2011

Since starting certification courses in Human-Computer Interaction in 2008, David has led or participated in a number of Internet projects, both professionally and academically, that have helped him build his understanding and presence in usability and design.  Here is just a sampler of the projects David has participated on - click on each project for more details.

Capstone Project of Choice
INDYCAR Live Timing & Scoring Mobile Device
Synopsis: Full-scale research, design, and evaluation of a theoretical mobile application for two of the open-wheel racing series under the INDYCAR sanctioning body, the IZOD IndyCar Series and the Firestone Indy Lights Series.

Please note: This project is ongoing. Application prototype screenshots and associated documentation will be added as time allows, in order to reduce potential research bias to usability test subjects.  Current documentation and screenshots will be accessible upon successful completion of all usability tests, but may be provided on-request to David.

Other Noteworthy Projects


CCR Mobile Device
Synopsis: The hottest technologies today are small and wireless hand-held appliances with multiple functions. Provide a comprehensive product design for a fictional company, considering the system configuration and interface design that can facilitate such a bringing together of these diverse platforms.


Synopsis: Design a socially translucent system that conveys, allows, or delivers social-centered information by providing visual, verbal, or other interactive cues about the presence and activity of the participants. An example would be the system’s ability to convey attentiveness, emotional conditions, peer pressure, or other forms of communication that are often times implicit, as well as ambiguous, but very real. These psychological conditions are not easily conveyed in the virtual world of computer-mediated communication.


Synopsis: Design an innovative interactive "information-intensive" application supporting user activities performed while in a household kitchen. The entire project is driven by data gathered through fieldwork, forming the basis to generate new requirements and shape design.


ChaCha.com Study
Synopsis: Perform an on-the-field investigation of how the basic ChaCha service is used and then use this data to envision and shape new design solutions that can deliver an enhanced user experience, capitalizing on advanced services currently offered or explored by ChaCha (e.g. mobile commerce, advertising), or create new opportunities (e.g. richer information delivery, multimedia).


Showtimes Experience Diary Study
Synopsis: Upon review of P.W. Jordan's Designing Pleasurable Products book, choose, perform, and present one usability study method for a newer software product.


Web Sketching Exercise: Redbox.com
Synopsis: Construct a prototype to represent a main function of a known web site, in order to gain further understanding of prototype methods when approaching a web site, not to create a new site. Focus will be on the elements and steps necessary to create a successful prototype and conduct a usability test

Multimedia Home Center
Synopsis: Review, enhance, and perform usability tests for the industrial design and interface of a proposed Multimedia Home Center. Device functionality extension with new on-screen functions, as well as physical affordances placed on the device itself. These additional system operations will be based on your understanding of the purpose of the product and its over-arching conceptual model.
Dear Santa Database
Synopsis: Create any web site, service, or product from ideation to interactive prototype. This will include several phases from concept exploration through sketches, low fidelity prototype testing, digital prototyping, cognitive walkthroughs, to final interactive prototype. Various types of tests may be utilized based on the phase of the project (internal testing, cognitive walkthroughs, usability tests, etc)
Interactive Dialogue Model (IDM) - Golf Courses
Synopsis:  Determine and design in detail a large, content-intensive interactive domain that justifies the adoption of a structured approach to design, using the concepts and terminology of Interactive Dialogue Modeling (IDM).
Advanced IDM - Indiana Microbrews
Synopsis: Building on the foundation of IDM, construct a detailed isometric map for a second large, content-intensive interactive domain that justifies the adoption of a structured approach to design, using the concepts and terminology of Interactive Dialogue Modeling (IDM).


Taco Bellview Hospital
Synopsis:  Design and implement web based small clinic search system, including the proper design/creation of a relational database (using MySQL) and corresponding web functionality using PHP technology to query and properly display database information.

(Detail page coming soon)

Caterpillar RSSM Redesign
Synopsis: Prototype a redesign a dynamic web site by applying usability principles and models, including user needs assessment and requirements, pre- and post-design usability testing techniques, analysis of architectural structures, applying evaluation and usability testing methods to the product to validate design decisions using classic user testing and heuristic inspection, and analyzing final test data for proposed secondary usability enhancements.

Craske Real Estate
Synopsis: This is not necessarily a usability project, but is something that is near and dear to David.  His father owns a real estate agency, and is a primary broker and appraiser, with 10 associate agents.  David has administered CRE's web site (and its predecessor, Doc Mayfield Realty) since 1998, and is now applying usability tactics to making it Lawrence County, Illinois's premier real estate web site.


Synopsis:  David currently owns the rights to this web URL, and would like to create a golf-related discussion web site when allowed the time.  The logo is one of his earlier logo creations.


Synopsis:  Ummm ... you're here now.