Advanced Interactive Dialogue Model - Indiana Microbrews
Project Scope:
Building on the foundation of IDM, construct a detailed isometric map for a second large, content-intensive interactive domain that justifies the adoption of a structured approach to design, using the concepts and terminology of Interactive Dialogue Modeling (IDM).
Project Assessment:
This was a more-challenging project for David, but he also seemed to have more enjoyment doing this project than the last.  David became knowledgeable in isometric diagrams back in junior high school in drafting & engineering courses.  He also took a full-term Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) course during his undergraduate education.  Thus, an opportunity to create an isometric map of a web site using the foundations of IDM was most intriguing to him, and the resulting map was most satisfying.

To say the least, David is now looking for opportunities that might allow him to expand on the use of IDM and associated isometric mapping of large, content-intensive web sites and mobile applications.  When printed out, a quality isometric map can be very useful for designers, developers, and managers to relay their thoughts and directions toward a common goal.  David has the toolbox and the skills to make this happen, and is really energized about this alternative application design direction.

Usability Methods Used:
  • Conceptual - Interactive Dialogue Model
  • Logical - Interactive Dialogue Model
  • Page - Interactive Dialogue Model
  • Isometric IDM Diagram Design Schematic
This was an individual project.  David constructed Conceptual, Logical, and Page Interactive Dialogue Models (C-IDM, L-IDM, & P-IDM, respectively) for a perceived Indiana Microbrewery web site.  From his designs, he constructed a detail design document describing each of the elements in the C-IDM and L-IDM models, and provided perceived page layouts with accurate content.

Additionally, David constructed a high-quality, high-detail isometric diagram of the proposed web site.  The actual design elements were provided to him, and a few previous examples, but no additional assistance specific to his project.  He was requested to make use of the elements provided, and - if necessary - improvise as needed, as the process and diagram terminology is still rather new.  David presented his diagram to the co-creator of the IDM methodology, and was lauded for his ingenuity of an isometric design aspect not previously envisioned.

Project Deliverables:
** Note: Several of these attachments are of high-quality, and thus are somewhat large. I did not want to reduce resolution at the detriment of the detail provided.  If you would like further clarification, please feel free to contact David for an explanation.

Final Presentation (pdf - 3.2 MB)
Full-size Isometric Design Diagram (pdf - 5.3 MB)
P-IDM Examples (pdf)
Homepage Design (pdf)