Interactive Dialogue Model (IDM) - Golf Courses of Central Indiana
Project Scope:
Determine and design in detail a large, content-intensive interactive domain that justifies the adoption of a structured approach to design, using the concepts and terminology of Interactive Dialogue Modeling (IDM).

For an understanding of the Interactive Dialogue Model, please reference the following:


Bolchini, D., Paolini, P., Interactive Dialogue Model: a Design Technique for Multi-Channel Applications, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 8 (3) 2006, 529-541.

Project Assessment:

This was a very challenging, yet most intriguing, project for David.  Having developed large web applications and web sites for several years, this project forced him to investigate the creation of such a site from a different perspective.  The IDM process can be very heavy to comprehend at the outset, but once the key concepts and languages are understood, implementation of this design methodology comes rather naturally.  Similarly, this is a methodology that can be used by all members of a design team, not just computer-based.  A short training session, estimating 4 hours, would be all that's needed to give team members, such as project managers, designers, marketing & sales personnel, and the like, a good fundamental foundation for beginning exploration into large, content-intensive web & mobile application creation.

David really latched onto this design methodology.  This is the first of two projects through the semester he constructed using IDM, and he vastly enjoyed it.  He also has recognized its significant potential for small- and large-scale companies whom are building such applications, and is very eager to begin implementing these skills in today's computing world.  He feels very confident he would be able to relay how to use the terminology and methodology to those that are wanting to discover the potential of using IDM in development lifecycles.

Usability Methods Used:
  • Conceptual - Interactive Dialogue Model
  • Logical - Interactive Dialogue Model
  • Page - Interactive Dialogue Model
This was an individual project.  David constructed Conceptual, Logical, and Page Interactive Dialogue Models (C-IDM, L-IDM, & P-IDM, respectively) for a perceived Golf Courses of Indiana web site.  From his designs, he constructed a detail design document describing each of the elements in the C-IDM and L-IDM models, and provided perceived page layouts with accurate content.
Project Deliverables:
Final Presentation (pdf - 3.2MB)
Design Templates (pdf)