Web Sketching Exercise:
Project Scope:
Construct a prototype to represent a main function of a known web site, in order to gain further understanding of prototype methods when approaching a web site, not to create a new site. Focus will be on the elements and steps necessary to create a successful prototype and conduct a usability test

David chose sketching the web site.  From Wikipedia (06-OCT-09), Redbox ( "specializes in the vending of DVDs via self-service, interactive kiosks.  Projected to number 22,000 by December 2009, Redbox kiosks are located nationwide (United States) in fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores."  The web site allows users to reserve DVD titles online for pickup at a later time.

Project Assessment:
This was relatively a simple project for David, as he had created prototypes (of various fidelities) before.  However, this project emphasized a significant point for David that should resonate through many usability projects:  Just because the usability analyst performs a task one way does NOT mean users will perform that same set of steps to complete the same task.  He originally created about seven screens, but found users worked through multiple directions, including at least two directions not of his own choosing.  By adding additional screens (and additional directions users could perform the desired task), the test subjects could gain a more robust and enjoyable experience with the prototype.
Usability Methods Used:
  • Paper/Pencil Sketching
  • Digital Screen Diagrams (based on initial sketches)
  • Design & Create Digital Prototype
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs with Test Script and Task Lists
This was an individual project.  David sketched each primary screen the web site had (as of September 2009) in both paper prototype and in digital format (via MS PowerPoint graphics).  He converted each PowerPoint slide into a web graphic, properly linked each graphic to a web page, and linked each web page via graphic hotspots, thus giving test subjects the appearance of them traversing the web site as they would normally and giving them the freedom of choosing their own path to complete the given test task.
Project Deliverables:
Web Sketching Exercise Final Document (pdf)
Web Sketching Exercise Screenshot Presentation (pdf)
Interactive Prototype Web Site (link)