Showtimes Experience Diary Study
Project Scope:
Upon review of P.W. Jordan's Designing Pleasurable Products book, choose, perform, and present one usability study method for a newer software product.
Project Assessment:
While David was familiar with experience diaries, their concept, and their perceived benefits, this was his first time he had conducted an actual study using them.  David was fortunate to have a few friends that (1) had iPhones, (2) were movie-goers, and (3) were willing to help him out with this class project, which made him appreciate the difficult task of getting proper test subjects for a given application.  Had his friends not had iPhones and were not comfortable trying out strange iPhone applications, his task to recruit users might have been more difficult, which demonstrates the true need for compiling proper user profiles, even for small projects such as this.

Overall, this was an excellent project to get David's feet wet with conducting experience diary studies.  He has been fortunate to conduct experience diaries in at least one other academic project, and is quite confident in conducting them, if the usability study warrants such a task.

Usability Methods Used:
  • Experience Diary Study
This was an individual project.  David had friends whom enjoyed going to movies, and one had just downloaded the Showtimes iPhone application.  Both volunteered to help him with his project.  David created a basic daily diary submission entry, having each user record their thoughts on the application itself for a few days.  Afterwards, he compiled the results into a spreadsheet and presented the below presentation to the class, explaining experience diaries, pros/cons of their use, and the example walkthrough.
Project Deliverables:
Showtimes Presentation (pdf)