Welcome to David Craske's New and Improved Web Site!

I have established this revitalized web site for two reasons.

First, a home base where my project work can be demonstrated properly.  I have been fortunate to work on a number of great projects where my skills in web site design and usability research have been demonstrated.  All good usability professionals need to establish a living portfolio of his/her work.  Ta-Da!  As one of my professors stated: "You cannot design a user experience.  You can only design for a user experience."

Second, I felt it was time for some changes.  My previous web site hadn't been updated since 2002, and had become dry and stale.  Such as life, change is inevitable:  10% of life is events that happen in life - the other 90% of life is how we, as human beings, react to those events.  The last 18 months have brought much change in my life, and it is time to react, hopefully for the better.

So ... what can you find in this site?

  • Several web PROJECTS, professional and academic, I have worked on. 
  • My current career RÉSUMÉS. which are downloadable in both Word and PDF formats, among other statements.
  • Methods of CONTACTING me.  I have many - perhaps too many ...
Enjoy your stay!